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Monday, January 6, 2020 - 10:27

Remodel vs. renovation. Yes, they’re different and we do both!

Prime real estate in the Vero Beach region of Florida and beyond is a hot commodity, regardless of its condition.  Very seldom do properties stay on the market long, but they also tend to need a little TLC with they change in ownership. That’s where Westmark Construction comes in. Recognized as one of the leading luxury builders in Florida, we have the knowledge and skills to help make your home a dream home. But before either of us heads for the sledgehammer, are you looking to remodel or renovate?

While these two terms – remodel and renovation – are often used interchangeable when talking about the vision for a space, there’s quite a bit of difference on the construction side of things, and it all comes down to use and functionality.


The remodel of a space, to put it simply, is to change the function of the room, oftentimes to accommodate a new need. For example, if you’d like a bigger closet and plan to take space from a hallway or bedroom to create the walk-in closet of your dreams, this would be considered a remodel; you are transitioning the function of that space from being a bedroom or hallway to being a closet. You can also look at it as it relates to the layout of a space. If you’re changing the walking paths or breezeways of a room, that is signal that you’re remodeling, not renovating.

When speaking of remodels, the conversation typically turns to one of two spaces: kitchens and basements. Kitchens are arguably the most valuable room in a home. Therefore, it’s important that the layout or your kitchen fits your lifestyle. Any sort of major reconfiguration of the space – moving appliances, changing doorways, etc. – all fall under the category of remodeling.


If you think of remodeling as changing the functionality or structure of a space, conversely, renovation is making changes or enhancing what is already there. Renovation is typically what comes with “freshening up” or updating a home. This includes the cosmetic features like faucets and light fixtures, but can also include things like flooring and cabinetry.

While remodeling a space is typically the project that comes with a higher price tag due to codes, extent of labor, and permits.  Renovating a space can give you the look you want but not always the feel. Whatever you’re looking for in a space, Westmark Construction can help make that dream come true.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019 - 14:42

The Island Atmosphere: Your Lifestyle, Our Inspiration

Westmark Construction Company has the esteemed privilege of being the premier builder of the homes at Palm Island Plantation. This exclusive community on the barrier island of Vero Beach, Florida is one fit for a life of luxury. The combination of the leisurely lifestyle and the tropical atmosphere is the inspiration behind our designs of each of the homes at the Plantation.

When walking into one of the homes, whether it be one of the beachfront Estate Homes, Carriage Homes, or Courtyard Homes, you’ll feel the sea salt air come in with you. Each of the homes are inspired by the romantic architecture of the British West Indies and have a sense of what we’ve dubbed “island charm brushed with tradition.” In short, this means that residents can enjoy the luxuries of modern, minimalistic design coupled with the traditional architectural elements such as large, sweeping floorplans and elegant lanais, balconies, and verandas.

Much of our island inspiration stems from the lush tropical landscape. Due to the near perfect weather that Vero Beach enjoys year-round, we’re able to center our architectural designs around coveted outdoor living spaces. As these covered porches, patios, and outdoor kitchens are where our clients enjoy spending their times, we’ve incorporated the look and feel of the natural Florida landscape into the other areas of our homes. From a seaside color palate to our intentionally chosen textures and wood and stone elements, everything that goes into creating our island paradise homes is carefully crafted to be conducive to a life of leisure and luxury.

Interested in the island lifestyle? Schedule a tour of Palm Island Plantation by contacting their main office at 772.234.6500.

Monday, August 12, 2019 - 15:38

Crown Molding Fit for a King (or Florida Resident)

When tasked with creating the most luxurious homes at Palm Island Plantation, Westmark Construction envisioned creating homes that were both structurally stunning AND delectably detailed. The homes we’ve constructed on the Palm Island property are the most coveted homes in the Vero Beach region, and we take pride in knowing that these homes are the epitome of luxury.

Our teams have built these homes from the ground up, using nothing but materials of the highest quality and working with architects and designers who are the best in the business. The lifestyle and atmosphere of Palm Island Plantation serve as the main inspiration for the three home style categories: Estate, Carriage, and Courtyard. Each of these home styles offer breathtaking views, spectacular architecture and finishing touches you’d only find in high-end homes across the country.

One of the smaller, but incredibly important components of our homes is the incorporation and strategic use of crown molding. By including crown molding in the interior designs of our homes, this feature draws the eye up to our expertly crafted ceilings and gives the illusion of a wider, airy headspace which complements our already open floor plans. This feature is the finishing touch that take our homes from magnificent to magical.

In addition to this effect, the incorporation of crown molding is a timeless tribute to classic European architecture. The use of such an element dates back to the ancient Greeks. Though they relied mainly on natural stone for their construction, we’ve simply modernized the materials but kept the integrity of the classic design. This flows perfectly into the atmosphere of Palm Island’s properties. The architecture reflects that of the ambiance of the British West Indies, featuring large windows, open verandas and island charmed brushed with tradition. Crown molding perfectly complements both this architectural style and the island lifestyle.

View the flawless combination of elements in our portfolio to get the full effect or tour one of the homes still available at Palm Island Plantation. Call 772-234-6500 to get started.

Friday, June 28, 2019 - 10:11

Choose Renovation, You’ll Be Glad You Did

The property in Florida is no doubt in high demand and has been for quite some time now. This has led to a constant state of land development over the last century or so, scooping up much prime real estate for commercial and residential projects alike. This makes for many as-is realty sales, often to the dissatisfaction of the customer. That’s where we come in.

The combination of near-perfect climate and luxury lifestyles leads many to the eastern coast of Florida, in our case, the Vero Beach region specifically. The real estate in this region is highly sought after due to its unique ocean views, lively culture, and covetable climate. Our role, then, is to take the ideal location and turn it into a tropical oasis that far exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Due to the rich history of the region, many of the properties found along the cost have been there for quite some time. Therefore, they can contain features, structures or layouts that don’t necessarily align with the new residents’ lifestyles. Our team of highly trained specialists is here to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Though sometimes hard to visualize, our team can create almost anything you would like to see in your new home. We have a partnership with one of the area’s leading custom cabinetry design companies – Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach. We also collaborate with expert architects, should your vision include any structural changes. We specialize in creating your dream home, one nail at a time.

Things like layout, flooring, outdoor living spaces, cabinetry, etc. are all cosmetic details in our eyes that can be amended to fit your vision. Choose the ideal location, and we’ll take care of the rest. Give us a call today for a quote on your next renovation project at 777-234-2978.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 16:45

3 Ways to Prepare for your Westmark Construction Renovation

Because Florida realty is in high demand, we’re finding that many of our projects involve creating dream homes from existing structures. Working closely with our clients, we transform these spaces into the tropical oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

This transformation doesn’t happen overnight, however. There are many moving parts when it comes to a home’s renovation. Here are three tips to ensure that your upcoming renovation is seamless and smooth:

1.       Talk with us. As simple as it sounds, this is a key component to ensuring a successful project: communication. While we actively communicate with our clients throughout the projects, it’s important that you provide any and all feedback so we can complete our project to your complete satisfaction.

2.       Clear the space. You might be renovating a new home that is completely empty. This makes things a little easier for us, as there are fewer things to worry about. But if you’re enlisting our expertise in renovating your current residence, we want to make sure that all of your things and belongings stay safe. So move, cover, or put in storage any furniture, décor, and nonessentials during your renovation period.

3.       Go with the flow. Know that delays can happen throughout your own renovation as problems and hiccups arise. Sometimes electrical lines aren’t where the blueprints say they are or the foundation isn’t as strong as we anticipated. Know that we will do our best to deal with these situations in a timely matter but also keep in mind that things like this might affect our overall timeline. Trust that we’ll do everything the right way, however, sometimes that take a little extra time.

Every renovation project is different, but with these tips and the help of the Westmark Construction team, your dream could be reality. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 10:31

Keeping Your Home Protected

Westmark Construction Company has the esteemed privilege of being the premier builder at Palm Island Plantation. This exclusive community on the barrier island of Vero Beach, Florida is one fit for a life of luxury. The combination of the leisurely lifestyle and the island-like atmosphere is the inspiration behind our design of each home at the Plantation. Another very important topic we take into consideration when designing a home and selecting materials is – YOU.

Living along Florida’s Atlantic Coast, while a very sought after lifestyle, also comes with hurricane season each year. It is vital to our builders that your safety during these times is in mind during each construction project. As we approach hurricane season (June 1 – November 30, 2019) we are sharing what we do on our end to keep your home safe.

The local building codes in Palm Island Plantation require high-impact windows and doors be installed, as well as roof fasteners. Additionally, hurricane shutters are selected from a local shutter company in the Vero Beach area and installed by our team. While we do the initial work to prepare your home to be as safe as possible in the event our area is affected by these traitorous storms, it is important that you and your family are prepared in other ways.

1.       Plan your evacuation route well ahead of time.  In the event of an anticipated storm, you may be required to leave your home. Know what you will take with you and where you will go for safety until you are cleared to return home.

2.       Keep non-perishable emergency supplies on hand. Avoid the long lines of people making their way through the store aisles when disaster strikes. By keeping items like canned goods, cases of water bottles and batteries at home, you will be a step ahead of those out shopping at the last minute.

3.       Know how to securely close and fasten hurricane shutters. The hurricane shutters will protect your windows from opening in the event of a storm. Ask our professionals how to operate the shutters to close them properly should they need to be used.

4.       Review your insurance policies. It pays to understand your coverage and what it will replace or allow you to rebuild in the event your home is damaged or you lose personal belongings. Contact your insurance provider to ask what your current policy will cover and to see if changes need to be made.

5.       Take steps to protect your home – Check! Our team at Westmark Construction Company put the thought and time into the outdoor preparedness in case of these situations. If you have any questions about our materials, please feel free to reach out and ask.

Monday, March 25, 2019 - 12:23

From Land to Luxury: How we construct your dream home.

Our top-of-the-line homes aren’t built overnight. There’s a lot of work both in and behind the scenes to creating our luxurious, signature homes, such as those at Palm Island Plantation.

Before breaking ground we work with a skilled team of architects and designers that create detailed blueprints and plans, ensuring all loose ends are tied and the details nailed down before we break ground. We value the planning stage the most because it is where we see visions become a reality; it’s where we’re able to work with potential homeowners and create their dream home literally from the ground up. Once the vision is in sight and materials collected, we prepare the construction site.

Once everything is assembled, our first step is dig and pour the foundation, giving the home a sturdy base to weather storms and ensure the longevity of the home. Next we construct a rough frame and mark out plumbing, electric, heating, air, and ventilation, adding in each component when and where appropriate. As the structure begins to take shape, we flesh it out with the insulation; we need to make sure that Florida heat stays out and the refreshing A/C in. We then begin to drywall the interior of the home while putting the finishing touches on the exterior of the building.

Next comes trim, flooring, and countertops before appliances, fixtures, painting, doors, and landscaping. In many cases, we look to the expertise of companies like Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach to ensure our homes are top-of-the-line, stylish, and of course, practical.

The last piece of the puzzle is a final walk-through and finishing touches. From here, we step aside and let this new house become a home. Interested in our process or expertise? Visit www.westmarkdevelopment.com or give us a call at 772-234-2978 for more information.

Monday, February 18, 2019 - 16:17

The Westmark Key to Performance

As Westmark Construction is one of the leading luxury builders in the state of Florida, we take pride in knowing that our projects perform and please long after our teams leave the job sites. Our coveted expertise, attention to detail, and renowned craftsmanship speak to our rising reputation.
When Westmark Construction takes on a project, we know that performance takes center stage. At each phase of the project, we take into consideration performance from two points of view: the performance of our crew and the performance of our work.

Proper permits and permissions are the first steps when we approach a project. Our designs and architectural plans utilize materials, products, and appliances that will yield only the highest performance for our clients. Energy-saving and highly efficient, our homes are designed not only to meet the needs of our clients but also meet the needs of our environment and cater to the larger community as well.

As homes are no longer simple dwelling places, they demand a level of comfort and practicality that allow our clients to live out the lifestyle they desire. Our homes perform to cater directly to the needs of our clients in a way that is second-nature and sustainable. We are truly creating homes that serve a purpose. Therefore the needs and wants of our clients are our primary priority. We acknowledge that our work plays an important role in their lives and in turn, they expect a product that performs to fit their needs. Therefore, our clients’ goals remain pinnacle throughout the duration of the project.

Once thoughtful plans are put in place after lengthy discussions with our clients, the performance of our builders and craftsmen bring ideas to life. Highly skilled and educated our crews are efficient, disciplined, and experienced. We take great pride in keeping our job sites safe and secure. Knowing that a property is in trusted and capable hands is a comforting and welcomed feeling to our clients, and we treat their trust as a privilege.

When a project is completed, the performance of our projects continues long after our crews pack up. Both the longevity and sustainability of our homes are key characteristics that are woven into our project plans. Need a high-performance team to construct a high-performing home? Give us a call at

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 16:36

Westmark Construction: Quality materials, quality service, quality product

The best buildings come from constructing with the best materials, and Westmark Construction cuts no corners when it comes to building your dream home. Using only the highest quality materials, we’re able to not only give you a home that exactly fits your vision, we’re able to do so in such a way that’s efficient, practical, and of course, beautiful.

In order to not only achieve your vision but to exceed it, we choose only highly-rated and reliable materials. Many of our projects include expert brickwork and masonry because of its durability and longevity in addition to having a timeless style. Our lumber, drywall, installation, plumbing, and HVAC are all of the highest quality as well, meeting all codes and requirements. We closely inspect all framing that goes up, hide seams in drywall, and groom your home to fit your lifestyle.

Attention to detail is at the heart of our building process. From excavation to finishing touches, Westmark workers double and triple check tasks to ensure quality completion. Our sites can see up to ten people at once, all working to make your dream come true. Our contractors meticulously review the plan of action and ensure your home is built the right way, and you’re kept in the loop throughout the entire process.

Our specialties go beyond homes, though. If you have a vision in mind for your home, business, or otherwise, reach out to us today at 772-234-2978 to take your first steps.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 16:33

Carriage Home Spotlight

Quality craftsmanship is what you can find at the core of Westmark Construction Company. As one of the leading luxury builders in the Vero Beach area, Westmark Construction works closely with you to create the home of your dreams.

Some of the work we’re most proud of can be found at the Palm Island Plantation in sunny Vero Beach, Florida. In collaboration with this exclusive community, Westmark Construction was the primary builder and helped map out and create custom homes, townhomes, and condominiums for their residents.

The property features 64 exquisite “Carriage Homes” that range from 2,600 to 4,000 square feet in size and space, offering a variety of different floor plan options built to suit the needs of Palm Island residents. These carriage homes, specifically, were designed to be the perfect complement to a life of luxury.

Some of the most popular features include: leisure loft spaces, two-car garages, screened-in lanais, library and study spaces, private covered balconies, spa-like bathrooms, private entranced master suites, and outdoor pool and patio spaces with optional outdoor kitchens. These homes are built in the style of traditional British West Indies architecture to further the feel and atmosphere that accompanies the luxurious lifestyle at Palm Island Plantation.

One of the main reasons Palm Island is one of Westmark Construction’s leading accomplishments is that our work was all-encompassing and featured collaboration at its finest. From the drawing of the property lines to the finishing tiles of the kitchen backsplashes, each decision was made to coincide with the barrier island atmosphere and foster a sense of a lifestyle filled with leisure and indulgence.

You can contact Palm Island about their real estate opportunities at 772-234-6500 and be sure to keep Westmark Construction in mind for any renovation or building needs.