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Thursday, December 23, 2021 - 11:57

Best Beachside Activities

If you think that spending time at the beach is limited to just swimming, there is a lot more that you are missing out on! Whether you live at the beach full time or you are visiting on vacation, there is always something new to try. Here are just a couple of options that you might enjoy. 

  1. Try Water Sports. Water sports are a great way to get out on the water. You can dedicate a couple of hours to take surf lessons and still have time to swim and enjoy all the other options the beach has to offer. These are some great options for people who like to stay active; it gets your body moving and can expose you to new experiences. Whether you are riding the waves or driving the boat, getting out on the water is a guaranteed good time. 

  1. Hunt for Seashells. Takes your strolls on the beach to the next level with seashell hunting, or “shelling” as locals call it. While walking along the waterline, keep an eye out for seashells and sea glass. Just be sure to check local regulations that outline what you can and can’t take from the beach. Not sure? Take photos of the best shells to research when you get home or make some shell art on the sand and take a photo to remember it by. 

  1. Build a Sandcastle. A classic beach activity that any age can enjoy! From the simplest design to the most elaborate, sandcastles help you pass the time at the beach while doing something creative and fun. No need for any perfect sandcastle, if you are enjoying your time building, that is all that matters. 

  1. Relax. Being on a beach is supposed to be relaxing; there is a reason beach scenes are depicted in spas and resorts across the world. You don't have to daydream or take pictures or do anything really. You can just sit there and relax. breathe, meditate, take a nap. Just be in the moment and relax. You are on the beach, after all! Park yourself under a shady umbrella, enjoy the warm breeze, and maybe indulge in a good book. There may never be enough time during your regular schedule to flip through a magazine, so take advantage of the opportunity you have at the beach to do, well, nothing!  

The truth of the matter is that going to the beach is going to be fun, no matter what you choose to do there. You are getting away from the real world for a bit and enjoying a scenic travel destination—or at least getting out of the house and hitting your town's local beach. It's just nice to know that there are plenty of things to do besides suntan and swimming while you're there! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - 15:43

Consider Your Lifestyle When Choosing Finishes

Kitchen appliances. Lighting. Electrical outlets. Bathroom finishes including sinks, bathtubs, tapware, and toilets…

The list above may seem like a random assortment of utilitarian items, but these fixtures and fittings are the things that can give your home the most personality. When designing your dream home, it’s important to think about the little details that make the space yours. The finishes you choose can create a cohesive style throughout your home. It’s also essential to consider their functionality and placement.

Placement is a great area to start. You’ll need to take the layout of your room into account before deciding where to put outlets for your electronic equipment (this is especially important in the kitchen). Once that’s sorted, the fun part begins.

When choosing appliances, it’s not only important to think about their functionality, but their aesthetic appeal as well. Stainless steel appliances offer a sleek, modern look, whereas light finishes feel classic and can open up the room. Fixtures that are in high-traffic areas of the house, like kitchen cabinets, need to take durability into account when looking at finishes. Neutrals are very popular options for cabinets. They pair well with almost any accent color. For example, white cabinets with a pop of blue have a nice, natural feel. Once you’re settled on your colors, then you can choose the texture of your finish. High gloss can pair well with a minimalist style or something more modern and sleek. Matte can pair well with classic and sophisticated designs as well as a rustic, beach feel. 

Above all, keep in mind that this is your space and should be a reflection of you. It’s easy to get caught up in design trends on Pinterest, but you shouldn’t choose something if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. The design process can be a fun way to exercise creativity. It’s great to stay on-trend while staying true to you.

Monday, June 21, 2021 - 17:34

10 Things We Love About Vero Beach Community

Vero Beach is a great place to live or visit. There’s always so much to do, not to mention the beautiful views and weather. Read on to learn 10 reasons we love the Vero Beach Community.


  1. We host so many events. With things finally starting to return to normal, there are a lot of events in the works. See the calendar for all upcoming events: CALENDAR 
  2. We have the best shopping! There is something for everyone whether you are car shopping, souvenir shopping, shopping for clothes or produce. SHOP 
  3. We have plenty to do on the water, the land, and even the air. Water activities include local airboat tours, boat rentals, fishing charter, kayaking and paddle boarding. WATER  Air activities include seaplane tours. And last but not least, land activities include bike rental, skating area, museums and aquariums as well as sea turtle walks. AIR 
  4. We are well known for our culture, arts and entertainment. Vero Beach offers many shows or you could spend some time in an art gallery. ARTS & CULTURE
  5. The beaches and parks are endless. There is so much opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature and landscape of Vero Beach. BEACHES & PARKS
  6. We house many locally owned restaurants, pubs, breweries & specialty dessert shops. Now’s your chance to dine waterfront and find out what it means to “live like a local”. Be sure to check out these local eateries: RESTAURANTS
  7. It is a great vacation spot. Vero Beach has it all when it comes to lodging options. Choose from resorts, oceanfront hotels, vacation rentals, centrally located hotels, or a simple bed and breakfast. No matter where you stay, you are guaranteed to be within minutes of “shopping, top-notch dining and a multitude of fun and exciting things to do!” LODGING
  8. Great weather. This part of Florida enjoys near perfect weather. The area’s best season to visit is from late November through mid-April when there is little rain and temps 70’s to 80’s during the day. When it's cold and snowy elsewhere, this part of Florida enjoys the warm sunshine. 
  9. We support lots of clubs and non-profit organizations. See a list of all the unique organizations that Vero Beach partners with: CLUBS & NONPROFITS
  10.  We love our tourists. Visitors are increasingly choosing Vero Beach hotels and enriching the local economy. Around half of the tourism tax dollars raised go back to restoring and upkeep of the beach.

Sound like the place to be? Explore our available properties at Palm Island Plantation and make Vero Beach home!

Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 14:09

Can home features impact your health? They sure can.

Since the pandemic, many of us have become more aware of spreading germs and maintaining better sanitation. Here are some home features that should be added to every household in order to promote healthy living both physically and mentally. 

A Sink Near the Door

The number one spreader of germs is through touch. Make it a habit to wash your hands as soon as you step foot in your house before touching anything.

A Mudroom to Take Off Shoes

Why track more dirt or germs into the house than needed? Invest in a proper mudroom to take off those shoes and keep the germs confined to one room.

Automatic Faucets

This one comes in handy, not just to prevent germs, but to prevent messes. Lots of times we use the faucet to rinse stuff off our hands. This faucet allows you to tap it with any part of your body and it will turn on without you having to move a handle.

Lots of Organization Systems

Clutter causes unnecessary stress when it’s all you see. Add some built- in shelving throughout your house, whether that be in the closet, pantry, kitchen cabinets, etc..

Improved Ventilation Systems

This one seems pretty self-explanatory. Look into top-notch air purifiers to keep those germs and viruses out of the air you breathe inside your home.
Bring in Sunlight

It is proven that vitamin D improves mood and mental health. Think about adding large windows or a skylight to drastically brighten up your living space.

Plants have the power to reduce stress and boost productivity. Nature is a calming source so why not bring it into your household. Another option is to put windows throughout your home so that you can see the outdoors at all times. 

Whatever new additions you would like to make in your home, Westmark Construction can help you! Come to us with your next home renovation project.

Monday, March 22, 2021 - 12:14

Fresh Air for Your Home

The salty fresh coastal air is one of the best parts about southeastern Florida. It is the reason snowbirds, vacationers, and natives alike frequent the beaches and coast. Now think about waking up to the smell of that fresh breeze. When you build with Westmark Construction, we take into account things like fresh air and ensure that it makes its way into your home. Here is how: Proper Ventilation.


When most people think of ventilation, they think of exhaust or smoke. However, ventilation isn’t just about air movement; it is just as much about bringing in the fresh as it is pushing out the stale. Mapping out a build or scoping out a remodel or renovation project means looking at the airflow of the space, ensuring there are gateways for that fresh air to make its way in. Some builders may only see windows and doors as points of entry or ways to let light in. These are both correct but they also factor into ventilation and invite that fresh air into your home.


Proper ventilation, though, is more than just the smell and fresh fa-ctor. When circulation stalls, pollution – yes, that kind of pollution – can settle in your home. Without the proper tracts and outlets, dust, mold, bacteria, carbon monoxide, and other harmful airborne particles can build up in your home causing almost hazardous living conditions that we certainly want to avoid.


The other factor to consider down here in Florida is the humidity. When the moist air condenses and is cooled by your air conditioning system, that water has to go somewhere. If it cakes up in the system itself or in or around air vents, this also means harmful particles in the air. Particles that you breathe in when sleeping or just spending time in your home. The answer? Proper ventilation.


As one of Florida’s leading luxury builders, we not only have the knowledge and skills to help make your home a dream home, but a safe home. Schedule an appointment with a Westmark Construction representative by calling 772-234-2978.

Monday, March 22, 2021 - 12:13

What Makes a Great Builder

You have finally decided to take the leap and build your custom dream home. We understand a custom home is one of the major decisions a family makes and one that is filled with excitement as well as anxiety. It is important to find a trustworthy, quality builder to take on this daunting task with you.


Here are three qualities that make a great builder:

  1. Answering the important questions. In order to better serve you and determine your needs and concerns, we suggest that you come to your meeting prepared with questions. Discovering the answers to these questions will help you decide if the builder is the right fit for you. Start with these: 
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What sort of new home warranty do you offer?
  • What features are standard in the homes you build? Does your style match what we’re looking for?
  • How many current projects do you have? Can I see one?
  • How long will it take to build my home?
  • What is your process for inspections throughout construction?
  • How and when will the final cost of my home be determined?
  • Can you provide me with references or testimonials from previous home buyers?


            We love it when clients come prepared with questions!


  1. Providing quality work. Be on the lookout for new homes. Open houses run by builders are helpful when picturing how you can use your space to work in ways you hadn’t thought of before. Additionally, when inspecting a home, pay attention to the quality of craftsmanship down to the details.


Westmark Construction's signature is quality craftsmanship. From hand-crafted mahogany entry doors, exquisite kitchens, and baths, to custom molding and millwork, we craft each piece exclusively for a look that is beyond the ordinary.


  1. Communicating effectively. When selecting your builder, it is crucial that you determine if your communication styles match up. You want a builder who is looking out for you and your best interests rather than one who is merely in it for the money. When working to make your dream home, good communication is needed throughout the whole process to ensure all problems are fixed as they come up. A great builder will openly give feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your ideas and illustrate how they can bring that dream to life.


Although it may seem like a lot of effort to find a perfect builder, it is worth the extra time to make sure everything runs smoothly in the process of building your dream home. 

Trust in Westmark Construction Company to be your great builder. We view each project with an architect's eye for proportion, a builder's eye for craftsmanship, and the eye of experience for the look and feel of the home - building each home as if we were moving in ourselves.


Westmark Construction is recognized as one of the leading luxury builders in Florida, including such notable communities in the Vero Beach, FL area as Palm Island Plantation, the Estuary, Indian River Club, John's Island, and The Moorings.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 10:23

6 Unique Features to Consider When Building a New Home

At Westmark Construction, we pride ourselves on our ability to create amazing custom homes made to fit your needs. Whether you are building from scratch or are looking to remodel part of your home, Westmark can do it and do it with the highest quality craftsmanship. 


Here are some unique features we believe would be great additions to any home: 


  1. His and her closets. Everyone can agree it’s nice to have your own space. Creating a closet system that is designed with functional space and cubbies that are fit to serve a specific purpose is a great way to utilize space. Say goodbye to a disorganized mess of clothes!
  2. Upstairs laundry room. No more carrying laundry up and down the stairs. Conveniently placing a laundry room upstairs, or located near all the bedrooms is becoming increasing popular in custom floorplans.
  3. Heated floors. Avoid stepping onto freezing tiles when getting out of the shower. Consider installing heated floors that are operating by a switch. Although they are pricey and not a necessity, they are a luxurious addition to any bathroom. 
  4. Custom shelving. This can be helpful anywhere, whether it be in the pantry, closets, or built-ins for the family room. Not only does custom shelving serve for great functionality, but it can also be used as a great space for decoration and display purposes.
  5. Raised ceilings. There’s nothing more beautiful and elegant than high ceilings. Investing in raised ceilings opens up rooms immensely, bringing in a sense of space and light. 
  6. Mudroom. This is often a forgotten feature, but it is so nice to have a place to store your outdoor gear and dirty shoes when you get home from a long day. A mudroom can be made with customized cubbies which are convenient spots to store purses and backpacks that are used every day.


Building a custom home allows you to take full control over what features you can incorporate. Do plenty of research to make sure you include all you could want in your new home. Our team will be here to guide you along the way with all of your decisions! Although many of these features can be pricey, they will pay off in the long run both for convenience and resale value. Contact Westmark Construction to discuss the possibilities! 

Friday, December 18, 2020 - 14:11

Pandemic Perks: New trends to come out of 2020

The act of staying home has evolved from a previously dull and unexciting habit to one that is both safe and smart in the midst of a global pandemic. Your space at home, however, might not have been designed for the lifestyle you are now living in 2020. With more people staying closer to home, we have seen these five trends arise from our months in quarantine and think that they might be here to stay.

At-Home Office Spaces

While many industries and positions have always offered a work from home option, there are more people working from home than ever before. If you are someone who thought they could just “make do” at a kitchen table or living room, you will be the first to say that office space is a must in all homes moving forward. Whether you are working a full 40 hours from your home or only need to take a call every now and then, it is important to have a designated space where you can put on your work hat.

Smaller Spaces

School-aged children might be the root cause of the death of the open floor plan. Without everyone leaving the house for the day, there are only so many places you can go in a home and most family members gravitate toward the living room. If you have an open and airy floorplan that means one thing: noise. Especially with younger kids around and parents who are trying to work from home, designated rooms (i.e.: the traditional living room, dining room, den, etc.) for communal living spaces cut down on both distraction and noise. Remember that open floorplans are a modern trend and that a traditional one is not the enemy.

Color Theory

The pandemic has affected everyone in some way, shape, or form, and it is probably safe to say the impact has been stressful one for many. Interiors designers have gone back to the drawing board (or should we say color wheel?) and are now gravitating toward more soothing and calming colors to combat the growing stress levels many households are finding. We might be putting bold, bright colors on the back burner for the foreseeable future as neutrals, blues, and whites take center stage in an effort to keep things positive.

The Great Outdoors

This is where we thrive. We have always worked in outdoor spaces – pools, lanais, courtyards, etc. – when on a job site. The pandemic, though, has many people feeling most comfortable entertaining and generally just spending more time outdoors. Therefore, it is not a reach to see a rise in demand for the design of outdoor spaces. If you find yourself in this boat, give us a call at 772-234-2978.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 10:42

The 5 Benefits of Building

Westmark Construction Company specializes in building luxury dream homes in the Vero Beach area of southeastern Florida. We’ve found our niche in the high-end recreational market, catering to the needs and wants of our valued customers. You can find our most satisfied customers reclining and relishing in the custom-made home of their dreams, made possible by our expert construction teams.

While we offer assistance in everything from land sales to condominiums, our true passion is building one-of-a-kind residential homes, and it’s where we find our customers are happiest. Here are what we consider to be the top five reasons to start from scratch with Westmark Construction.

  1. Start Fresh. With spring just around the corner, who doesn’t love a fresh start? Some existing properties or homes can be associated with things of the past or have even visible reminders of past residents. Building a home is simply the epitome of a new beginning. Your new home will house nothing but the happy memories to come.
  2. Focus on Efficiency. The older a home gets, the more its energy efficiency decreases. Building your own home will allow you to have the most up-to-date technology possible when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency.
  3. Set Your Own Time. Buying a home can be exhausting simply because the housing market – especially in Florida – is highly competitive. A home can go on and off the market in the same day. Avoid the stress and set your own time table for your Florida move. Our expert teams will take care of everything and keep you updated along the way so you don’t have to move until you’re ready.
  4. Look at Layout. Have total control over the layout of your home! We’ll be sure to bring to life a layout that makes sense for your specific lifestyle. You even have control over how your home is positioned on the lot when you choose to build. We’re able to make sure that the morning sun is let in (or kept out!) of the master suite, depending on your preferences. Love to entertain? We’ll be sure to incorporate an open floor plan to accommodate your guests, inside or out, for years to come.
  5. It’s 100% Yours. When purchasing a home, you never know exactly what you’re getting until you move in. Squeaky floor boards and drafts that seem to come out of nowhere can be annoying, unforeseen nuisances that you simply don’t have to worry about when you build from scratch. Our Westmark Construction team will ensure that your home is built to your exact specifications, from the top of the chimney down to the foundation.

There are so many reasons to build a home, and Westmark Construction is here to help ease any concerns you may have. We’re happy to answer any questions you have too! To get started, call 772-234-2978 or email info@westmarkconstructioncompany.com to get started.

Monday, February 17, 2020 - 09:31

New Look, Same Quality Service

For nearly 20 years, Westmark Construction Company has been offering premiere construction and development services to the greater Vero Beach area in Florida and beyond. Working on projects like those at Palm Island Plantation, our teams are dedicated to creating the best experience that results in only the highest quality outcomes.

That being said, we’ve had to grow and change a lot over the last 20 years to accommodate and reflect everything from changes in style and popular trends to updates in materials and processes. In this ever-changing industry, we acknowledge these updates and reflect those in our work.

We’re especially excited to announce a little update of our own. In line with the turn toward modernism in design, we’ve made a small update to our brand as a whole, including a new logo. But don’t worry, we’re still backed by a great family of companies, a brilliant team of expertise, and a network of satisfied customers.